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Marclub began when a group of visionary investors in Punta Blanca decided to acquirer the old Punta Blanca Yacht Club in the year 2001.

With very little infrastructure, a phase of rapid development began thanks to the economic resources put forth by the investors.


Being considerate of the group of people we attend to, the club takes pride in having some of the most well known people in Ecuador as members.

The development consisted of the construction of a wave-breaker and marina, restoring the main structure, the construction of pools and the purchase and installment of imported waterslides, 2 in the year 2001 and the Cyclone Charlie in 2003 which is unique in South America.

Also renovating the restaurants in both the gourmet restaurant “La Roca” and in the fast food restaurant “The Annette Sailboat.”

Constructing new recreational areas.
Being currently the best club for the quality of its services.
Counting on great infrastructure
Determined to be the difference in its class.

Traducido por Luis Fayad